The Grey Sunless Day

Today dawned in fog. I am guessing that I have about one and a half hours before the standard hell breaks loose. Given that I have only a single page of my research left before I complete it, I am guessing that is enough time to finish it.

Colorless day. Meet colorless idea. Day. Idea. Idea. Day. You two have fun for a while. I'm going to go get breakfast and try to avoid the cat jumping in my lap. Maybe she'll fall asleep somewhere in a patch of morning sun.

Update 12/1/09 - 9:30: It was an hour, but I'm putting everything off until this paper is done. And the cat waited for me to try to jump back in my lap, so I combed her nicely and now she's off somewhere. Its important to remember, with cats, the dice are loaded from the start ;)

Update 12/1 - 10:16a: I am going to print out the complete paper in total draft mode, sit down with a cup of coffee and actually read it through from beginning to end. And yes, there will be party hound activity when and not if this beast gets sent in. The deadline for my phase II is 12/05. I decided to celebrate tonight by opening up a Netflix account. Watch for the exact moment this thing wraps. Its the end of a three year journey.

Update: 12/1 - 11:52: The research paper is complete. Draft form, 17 pages. Readthrough after lunch.

Update: 12/1 - 4:30 pm, and the readthrough is almost done. Only 17 pages but it takes a while to go through it all. I'm sitting on pins and needles right now.


Anonymous said…
congratulations! :D