A Certain Level of Dissappointment

Ok, I've worked really, really hard these past three weeks. No weekends, 12 hour days, and one day off. I played golf yesterday. It was great.

The plan was , that I would come home early today, and take la familia out to do something fun. But instead, my scheming wife told me that my daughter had said that - when I came home, she would be playing video games and not to interrupt her. What my wife was really wanting to do - was make sure that , when I arrived - I didn't just invegetate in front of the screen. My daughter actually said no such thing, and my wife was trying to impress upon me that when I arrived, I should be doing something instead of passing out from exhaustion. Let's do the math - I've only been at work since 7:30 am.

But the worst part of it was - that I'd already told them that I wanted to take them out - and that I would take my daughter horseback riding. My daughter blew me off on this point - she wasn't there when we were supposed to leave. And then, at least according to my wife - she wasn't planning on riding when she returned - rather, she was planning on playing 'Okami' - a game she has become completely immersed in (and in fact, almost solved).

This was the first level of dissappointment. No one seemed to recognize that I wanted to take everyone out - do something nice for them, even though I'd been talking about it for days. The second level - was this statement that my daughter was supposed to have made, that she wasn't interested in horseback riding.

And, so I just said - well, ok. I'm going to stay late, then - and finish some work I am covering. My wife replied - that's fine. Then, I get two frantic calls at work, about an hour and a half later. The first is from my daughter - who wants to go horseback riding. Nobody told her that I was going to stay at work, and she hadn't told mom that she was playing video games. Her mother simply made up a story for me that she would be doing this - just so she could impress upon me not to watch TV.

But the wind had been blown out of my sails. I couldn't understand why my daughter would do that. And so I gave up, and stayed at work. When my daughter called I realized she was still interested in riding - so I told her to check the weather - it was storming very badly - and then call me back. In the meantime, I get an angry call from my wife - it's number 23 this week, by the way - asking me where I was? Didn't I have responsibility?

I'm just dissappointed. That's all. It's boring work, really - and it just doesn't seem fair that the one weekend that I would have to be able to have fun - is just blown off like this. So, it's 9 pm at night. I'm coming home. And yeah. I'm pretty sure I'll meet a certain level of dissappointment.

But in the end, I guess. It's really my fault.

Update: 8/19/10 - Well, it all worked out. We went out and had fun. I'm going to take saturday off.