I'm So Tired

I've pulled back to back all nighters all last week, and then worked all weekend and this past weekend, and I'm really tired. The work schedule is - get up at five am, work until seven pm.

And today, someone used the key lock on the door to the new building. So the card lock didn't work, and I'm going to be behind schedule. But I've discovered something about work. It expands to consume any available free time. So, while the rest of the world sleeps at six, I'm still going to get the drop on everyone and get at least part of the work done. At least, that's what I'm telling myself. If the guy with the key doesn't arrive in the next thirty minutes, I'll be behind schedule again.

I am likely going to make deadline and get everything done by either today or tomorrow and just play golf on Thursday. I really want to take a break, read a book, or go swimming or just do something non work related. But I can handle it.

I've found the thing that makes me more tired than work is conflict. For example, someone getting upset at you at four am in the morning - really does take alot out of you. Why argue at four am? If someone has to go to work at five, what's the point of yelling at them? To wake them up? Are you doing them a favor?

It works in reverse for me. Some use the whole argument thing for adrenaline, but for me - I need adrenaline dosage in the form of tasty waves. Maybe this weekend we will go up to the mountains. I'd love nothing better than to wake up far away from the world, this saturday. Then maybe go whitewater rafting. Anything but work.

Thus, this blog post. ;) Back to work. lol