My Thumb

About a week and a half ago, I hit my hand hard against a drop ceiling. I was up in the ceiling of a building, looking at some equipment and I swung my hand out below the ceiling, with my head into the roof. I couldn't see what was below me.

I swung my hand and arm out and around, but there was a drop ceiling below - about three feet down. My hand hit, full speed into the hard edge of that drop ceiling and the impact shot across the side of my hand and thumb. The pain was incredible. But also, almost at the same time - there was a moment where I sort of wondered about the pain.

It was a weird feeling. There were layers of pain happening all at once. It hurt almost as hard as if I had broken a bone, but I hadn't. And at the same time.. there was a pain there, that beckoned me to stare at my thumb.

I just couldn't put my finger on it.

So Mr. Pain moves in, and this goes on for a week. Not really harsh but definitely painful - tricky to move. You were apprehensive - should I press down the button on the gear shifter with one hand, or the other..? Do I pull myself above this bar with both hands? And to be honest, I became apprehensive about using the hand.

Today I went over to a friend and said, ok, what's wrong with my thumb? And he said... well what hurts, when you press on it? I pressed the bone, and a few pressure points and then inadvertently bent the thumb into the knuckle and I felt this really sharp pain. It caught me off guard. I shouted out @#$%!damnit!

And now its fine! Fuck me.


Anonymous said…
good luck with that.