Notting Hill

There is something about Julia Roberts, that is hard to define. Perhaps its the fact that she is very beautiful - but I think perhaps its something more.

In every moment we have choices, direction and a chance to be who we are. To define by our actions and our speech, what we stand for. Julia seems to be someone who is capable of understanding and positioning herself in the strongest part of that moment.

In the film "Notting Hill", much of her communication is nonverbal. She seems to be able to hold a restrained smile - to convey a sense of interest without expressing detail - she does not fawn, she simply seems to be living a moment that she truly enjoys.

Speaking as a man, that is irresistible to me. For some reason, there is nothing more alluring than to see a woman happy. Its worth everything in the world to see her smile. Even when she isn't smiling. She's like a dream.

In a dream, it's easy to change yourself and be whomever you want to be. I would be the one who walks over and gives her a kiss.