Droid 2

I worked with my first Droid 2 phone today, and it was a real experience. The phone is light, fast, and has a great antenna and battery life. The speech rec. is really strong, the browser supports flash - it has an 8 Megapixel camera built in.

There are some interesting features for the phone. For example, the flash on the phone is LED , two bank white light. So there's an app on the phone that looks like a lightbulb - turn it on and you have a flashlight. But what's really interesting about the phone is how its tied to Google.

There is a central Gmail account associated with the phone. Screw with it, and you have to do a full factory reset. That's notable, because things like contact sync, and calendar sync - depend on it. So your personal data all goes through google.

I guess it's a good thing, that Google's company motto is "Don't Be Evil", hm?


Anonymous said…
so is droid a cloud os