This is kind of a unique blog. You're reading someone who really gets off on science and other stuff - and at the same time I spent a summer working for the artist who wrote the song 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'. So I wanted to direct a post toward the female reader on the subject, if I may?

It seems like , for girls - the world is kind of a serious place. You don't just build tree forts when you're a kid - and then have to deal with the prospect of having the bullies smash them down and give you a bloody noose. You have to deal with things like a rape culture, bias, and really weird concepts of how you should deal with your body. Girls end up maturing faster than boys. So, ok. I think there will be an element of fun that needs to go along with being a girl.

So , thinking about what I'd do if I were a girl - for fun - I thought I'd post a warning video about what Surfing might do to your body . As a female, I know you want to take care of yourself (you're going to outlive us males, anyway) - and there are alot of things that could happen to your body if you go surfing. So here's a video of a girl who started surfing when she was five.

Shocking. Huh? Surfing really transforms your body. It's no wonder most BDSM models are instructed to stay inside, out of the sun.

Ok, so I'm going back to work on my first million. That's the big theme for this week. My occasional lapse in ethics or focus or even being here - can be chalked up to that effort, but fortunately it will all be done by the 4th of Aug. and I can chill out afterward.



Anonymous said…
Anastasia Ashley ftw