Cutting Away

There was this little dot on my side - almost like a small wart, but not brittle in appearance. It had a red circle around it.

I decided the best thing to do with this thing (it was sort of like a small flesh colored mole) was to cut it away. So, at six am in the morning - I took a pair of nail clippers and chunk! ... Wow. It hurt. But nail clippers aren't sharp enough to cut flesh.

So I took a pair of scissors and cut the remainder. It hurt. Alot.

My first thought afterward was.. wow, for such a small little dot this thing is hot, bloody and raw. Will cutting it away, make it go away? Who knows. But alot of blood. Way more than should be there.

Hope I've done the right thing.

So, hey - who needs coffee, right? I decided to head on into work. After gathering and placing some work items into my car, I went back inside the house to get a few things. Who should show up but my long lost black cat. I'd been waiting to give her a capstar (this cool pill that kills everything on her). I put her on my lap, and tried to give it to her and she cut my hand.

My wife yelled at me over the cellphone on the way to work. I keep humming bars of "No More Mr. Nice Guy" by Alice Cooper... is there an upside to any of this? Perhaps I just cut a skin cancer off my side. That would be cool.