Free - Take One

The final Reagents, listed for your perusal and kind attention. Choose your discipline. About 3 minutes each. Lets assume you actually have that much time..?

And the other discipline - which also has its benefits and drawbacks.

These are two different approaches, but they are again - McCain vs. The Bush Republicans, deep baseball vs. reality. I suppose you are ready to decide whether or not you will farm another human being cloned from your dna - for spare parts - when you are older. Or whether or not the use of American military power is the best means by which to secure foreign policy objectives. As a bona fide independent, I can honestly say that I haven't resolved these issues but that I'm thinking about them now so that I can help my children in the future. I have a deep sense of my own mortality that comes from having lost alot of good friends, my brother. Life, for me, is too short to be blowing my chance to change something with a kneejerk although I have also been known to make extremely fast - and extremely long lasting decisions - quickly. Mostly they have been able people. The first time I met my wife, for example. We have been married 15 happy years and I miss her very much. But to continue.

Pick one. These are both endorsed by their respective agency. Perhaps one of these has the essence of desperation. But its a powerful statement nevertheless. Look under the hood. You have the net. Go for it.


M@ said…
My adopted home state of Vermont just came in. Big surprise. My mother, a white woman, voted for him--as did everyone else in the state.

Some polls show Obama to be extremely likable among republicans, just after McCain.

The Aryan Nation says they're still on the fence, however.
Thinker Me said…
Unrelated? Perhaps.

Dear Mr. Bush, There are Over 100 Words for Shit and Only 1 for Music (by Out Hud).