He sits at home watching the children
his only job
folding clothes
playing warcraft in his mind
level 19 like a ticking clock
he waits for her to come home
In his dream He stands there at the podium, facing the crowd
power deals him power
she stands there behind him
stealing time
in his long shadow
taking everything she can
and driving him on
The lights shine in his eyes and turn everything to white
and he is suddenly home again
a child in the shade of a tree
that he remembers - old, majestic.
he is playing with her again
she brings a piece of folded paper
three times back and forth
pick a fortune

He walks home from playing with her
they are best friends
playing with dolls sometimes -
two wives somedays two husbands
like peas and carrots
they know where the bodies are buried

He climbs the stairs in his mind
of the old white house in virginia
and pulls the cord to the attic
to the room where he makes the luftwaffe
the gerbils room run their habitrail
the male eats the children
so the female watchs him carefully
spinning the wheel and running in place
as fast as he can.
next to a heinkel HE 111
they look like
a family of small kangaroos
tufts upon their tail

Can you brush it off?
alone again - the empty home
he was the one who stayed home. watch the children
some reason - suddenly afraid
the car that passes in the street has a sinister gleam
who can it be

She comes home and expects her feet to be rubbed
she is his queen

He sleeps
she quietly walks upstairs
into her second life as a submissive

The crowd cheers
and screams
in the shadows she plays
this is her man
asleep , dream
that he is righting all the red wrongs ever done
astride a spectral tiger mount
named Hole

All life
at bottom
is happy.


Thinker Me said…
You do these little tricks that surely bring a smile to my face and put a question mark in my head.

Rock on, child of the sun!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful poem.

There are so many things that we want to happen but few beautiful things make us happy. Hope the dream can come true?

There are angel flying everywhere.
M@ said…
He comments on the blog,
Taking a sip from his Heineken.