Obama in 30 Seconds

When I first saw the contest, I was reminded of how my wife and I would take 30 seconds to solve our fights. It was simple - most of our fights were about a struggle for power - and she and I would talk over each other - so we would say, hey - lets take 30 seconds - and in that 30, the other person talks and you listen no matter what. And then 30 seconds later , you get to do the same thing. It solved alot of problems between us. We've been married a long time. Getting into an argument with your wife is one of the strangest experiences in the world, and it teaches you alot about politics.

The fight right now for the nomation is about status. And social change. Its a perfect storm of a failed administration, the desire for change and the drive within the party for identity. The GOP has always tried to tag the Democratic party as the 'female' party - protective, willing to talk things out. But moreoever, the GOP loves to try to paint itself as the party of saving your hard earned cash. A sort of club for elites. Why. In America in the 21st century money is the primary vehicle of status.

We care about our status for a simple reason: because most people tend to be nice to us according to the amount of status we have (it is no coincidence that the first question we tend to be asked by new acquaintances is ‘ What do you do?’).
Alain De Botton

I have decided to try to describe a human being in 30 seconds using footage, imagery and sound. This is a contest with a top prize of 20,000.00 in new gear. Which, as Eli Pariser says - is pretty sweet. I will split in half with my partner. Its going to be like being on the vanguard of a revolution. It will be fun.

I think one thing we need to realize is that most revolutions dismast themselves taking the existing party structure from power. Obama cuts a unique figure - he has a chance to inspire an entire generation.

When Obama is elected president he will be known the rest of his life for his presidency - and he will , during his tenure - suffer the presence of secret service at every turn. He will be the target of assassination attempt. And given that Alqaeda likes to plan out spectacles - that usually take them 5 years or so to put in place - there will be that to contend with. It will be a trying time for him - all of us are patting him on the back and saying, way to go. But he's got a long road ahead.

The idea is to capture that moment in us - and in him. That opportunity we all have to take control of our lives and move forward to positive change. America does very well with a good leader. No wonder the world is watching.

Here is the link if you're interested in trying yourself.