Junk . Unsolicited. Email

I had to find driving directions that were sent to multiple users, today. This would have been for my daughter, who is going to go to a meeting tonight. But my mail inbox didn't have it.

So I had to go into my dreaded Junk E-mail folder. I caught my filter taking mail from my mother into that folder. I was bracing for it.

I expected it to be boring and difficult, and that it would test the art of not reading something or skimming it for content but I never expected that I would feel sad. Not just a little sad.

I guess its shannon information theory perspective stuff - with so many people just getting hammered by this kind of thing. Their shade dancing through it all. I have seen the junk people descend on forums and destroy them. I have seen the internet change so much - and so much for the worse particularly in the area of junk mail. I was seeing heat death. Entropy.

My junk email folder has one piece of mail in it that I am going to rescue and white-list the sender and then I am going to delete it all. But the feeling of sadness persists.

I've got a few demons. I know this. But. Unlike yours. I will feed mine. Time for the hunt.


Matthew Mientka said…
Your filter was supposed to spam out your mother-IN-LAW. Simple error.
Hope my children will see her before she dies. its so hard to fly that far for christmas.
Anonymous said…
Everything is hard if the right thing is not done.