Happy Easter Colorless Green Reader

Just as in relationships, and life, there is a pattern of dominance - discovery - faith - that we seem to weave into our own lives, to help us prepare for the unexpected. Maybe its a genetic memory of some extinction level event driving us on... comet hits the earth kind of thing. At any rate, the games we play strengthen us and help us focus ourselves. We can visualize the far future and record the distant past. We can even sense slow change.

People who tell you that God created the world in seven days are obviously trying to tell you something. Its worth it to find out what.

The clip I posted below is really about how a specific argument against evolution and selection fails if are too into dogmatic views about creation....

Information - as the author of the clip is partly expressing, is mathematical in nature (cf. Claude Shannon) - similiar to entropy. The way I read many of the arguments against evolution - are that entropy can never spontaneously decrease, which is true. So I gather the idea is that genetic mutations can't happen because they are so infinitely improbable? Maybe so. Check out the clip and decide for yourself.

Happy Easter !


M@ said…
As much as I look down on the believers, I try to be nice about it. An African American man chatted me up in the elevator about Easter, telling me he celebrated with his mother, who is a pastor.

I raised my Starbucks cup and wished him a Happy Easter.

That said, I love how creationists make the assumption that our life today is too complex to have occurred without divine help.

Um, what makes you think THIS is complex!?

Speaking of new information, the human race is set to generate more data this year than during the past 40,000 years.
M@ said…
You can't stop science.
Anonymous said…
Sprituality is good but dogmatic view of GOD hurts GOD.