I went to my first nascar race yesterday, with my kids. My son had a special day there with his den + he got everyone in for free. Holy moses, son of Abraham, Jacob and Cane that place was loud!

The cards fly around the track like - they remind me of nothing other than earthbound jet fighters. They move that fast. And when they make the turn near you the sound hits you right in the gut. Its like a wall of sound. These guys were so fast it blew my mind.

Unfortunately for little kids the sound is so loud it hurts their little ears. I had to get some earplugs for them, and we made it a short day and skipped out on all the rednecks that would have otherwise held up traffic for an hour.

I hope the kids got the message about watching a pit crew because I sure as heck did. Ok. Here are four guys - that are going to check fluids, clean windshields, hydrate the driver - change parts, remove all four tires and replace them and completely gas up a vehicle in .. are you ready for this. ... 17 seconds . I can change a tire in maybe 20 minutes if I am working clean. They only beat me by , like. 8,000 percent?

And it looks like yesterday the voters of Wyoming got us one step closer to a more efficient government. Another victory for Obama. And he has long coattails. I am looking forward to the rest of it. Hillarybots aren't that exciting to me. Its hard to imagine a democrat that supported the Iraq War and the Bush Administrations policies getting the nomination. But it might happen.

More time to you.


Anonymous said…
Thanks. Communication is very important.
M@ said…
Democrats are going to give us a more efficient government? I would have said benevolent but I think efficient is too much to ask.

In Vermont, I once knew a guy who was part of a pit crew for an amateur racing crew. They would seriously brag about how quickly they could change a tire. You're not shitting me. That's a skill.