The Night of the Dark Bunny Rabbits

I was thinking about which to bite first
the head
or the tail
When I heard the kids running around outside looking for eggs

Is it over the top
to believe in the easter bunny
or that poor lawyers exist ?
Anyone that's ever been lonely
Anyone ever split apart
Christianity appeals to the lovelost

So I pictured this calm room full of people
I folded my hands in my lap
and made a steeple
Opened the door

Something hanging in the center of this room
is an instrument of torture

Finished up my Easter Bunny, bit off its bunny ass. I am kind of first with the ears
She used to go for the tail. God I miss her
Better get back outside and check on the kids

Later that night
- seems like no-one writes about Easter Night ..
I went outside

The kids were asleep
The lights were shining in the steeple
I couldn't see them
Neighborhood is zoned to keep us shopping
and in our cars

Nobody rides for free

Looked up
Watched the stars shine brilliant tiny light
a sort of suicide against the vast dark
Maybe its just them trying to talk
So much atmosphere
you hear the word
the meaning is lost
a giant sun
shine on
a diamond
shoudn't concern you except that

why is it so easy to see the belt of Orion


I walked back inside

And in my mind
Someone with nothing better to do
pressed a program into my hand
As I went through the door

Happy Easter Cowboy
Go do the dishes