Acceptable Use Policy

I have heard of a blog entitled "Acceptable Use Policy". Its a great double entendre, if you had met the person - who also seems to be a quite eloquent and pleasant individual at first impression.

Its a cool name, but this calls up a post I made earlier (last month ) that was a send-up of a talk given by Violet Blue. The blog name is completely blown away in search result, by results that point to the canonical form of "Acceptable Use"; a legal document that is signed by end users, which clarify and define the acceptable uses of a given network.

What Violet said (way more fun than what Barry Said!), about the reality of sex on the internet in this case - holds true. The terms don't line up and people cannot self-identify here. She said that the ability to search for something on the net, as it relates to sexual terms, can be the difference between safe, healthy sexual encounters (which are part of the adventure of being an adult), and/or possibly something worse. When we choose to identify or label ourselves it seems that one thing we do naturally is identify our preferences and ideas in a way that is easy to understand to the other person. Having these terms clearly disambiguated is crucial to using the medium.

So choosing a name like this, even if, again its a great double entendre - washes the search for the blog completely away in a sea of software legalese search results. Unless, of course, you have the URL. Thats a better way of doing it. If life evolved from energy driven networks of molecules.. would there be a search function?