Made it.

Marathon's over. I finished. I am happy. I am tired. I am proud of myself. I am thankful for lori, and sara , who ran with me. What a buzz.

Blew the hamster at 17 mile. Fought to the finish line. Had a great time at the half, well good enough. Like, 2:15. or something like that. But at mile 17. Pain.

This was an exercise in sheer tenacity. I was cold, in pain and i could barely even walk. Made a slow run to the finish line. I am buzzed right now like you would not believe. And also. Quite honestly. I am in amazing pain.

Update 11/23: Wow, what a night. I spent the whole night just writhing in pain. It was like a fever dream, like one of those muscle cramps that wake you up? 3:00 am was the worst then the fever broke. I was at mile 17 at a time of 3:00 hours, totally on track for a sub five hour finish. At 2:15 at the turn, my finish would have been 1:48, assuming I slowed down to a 12 minute mile / for a finish of 4:48. My time total was 6:10, which is after they picked up the chip reader/ however they did get me onto the finish register so here's hoping I can get my time added . This cool purple ribbon was one of the hardest fought medals I have ever had. It felt so good to cross that finish line. I haven't even really recovered at least enough to walk right. I didn't even run more than a 10k before the damn thing, no runs at all except for a few 10's scattered throughout the three weeks before, no long mileage, no plan. No brains. Ok Cool. Never again. :)


Unknown said… did it. (only noticed because Lady Sheridanne is a friend in SL)---saw how you go back and forth and then read your fear of this Marathon. Again Congratulations