What Barry Said

Alright. You've likely seen this before; - The clip below entitled "What Barry Said" by Knife Party. I grant that its conclusions are alarmist the chances of the US attacking its -own ally are admittedly remote - however the key thing here is perhaps content is still relevant, and that is the significance. Does anyone remember the doctrine of "Pre-emptive Self Defense" ? "The smoking gun, should not become a nuclear mushroom cloud?".. I try to keep my criticisms simple and very specific. In this case, if what you see here is still ringing true, then after the jump, you'll have a solution for it . But first. If you haven't see this already.. Here's "What Barry Said":
... Still relevant? Thats the scary part. A player change gives you just a chance, nothing more - to fix it. The rhetoric here in this electoral season is still status quo. What can you do?

BAR. Ban anonymous riders. Millions have been spent so far keeping this issue off radar.

Now, if you've never done anything in politics before, then go cut your teeth on your local school system /they're giving chocolate milk and pop tarts to children for breakfast, and spending tax dollars training the lunch lady to teach them that mac and cheese represent a protein. Or that french fries satisfy a food group. Start small. How about getting the kids who eat breakfast, a multivitamin alongside? One multivitamin per kid each day. Simple? Try it. Hint: Don't get the multivitamin classified as a food on the menu, the actual price they pay per meal is less than cost, so the federal government is subsidizing part of the cost per meal - you will have to go all the way up the foodchain. (hint number two: try to get the contractors who won no-bid contracts to provide the food, to have to make a business decision whether or not to improve the menu. it will cost them .001 cents per kid, and if they have a reason to make or save .002 cents, they will do it.)

Then once you're strong enough to take on the fed, just stand up for a ban on anonymous riders to legislation. This is the same stuff that made the patriot act 10,000 pages long, and put a provision in for increasing the limits of coal fired power plants in Pennsylvania to up the amount of mercury they can throw in the atmosphere, as part of Hurricane Katrina Relief (cf. Jon Cornyn, R. Tx.) . The guys who are still screwing up America are dying to make you forget about this issue. Why? Because this issue, if it is pursued, will cut off the lobbyists paycheck. A ban on anonymous riders, will mean that a representative can't take that big pile of money from them, to shoehorn in provisions that the lobbyists are getting paid to pass. Legislation in the united states is a host vector for a thousand viruses. A ban on anonymous riders, is identical to removing spyware or scumware from your desktop; it will increase the government effeciency, and make it easier to use government. It will have the same, positive good effect. Its set up now so that it is 'cleaning your machine now'. Go for it. And then , maybe the knife party will be over.


Anonymous said…
whats wrong with you, tbs? why is it that you seem to get off tearing down America.

wait don't answer that. you're a narcissistic bastard.