The Lesson of Lonelygirl15

Here is an interesting situation. Suppose there is someone you really like, and you want to +have their children!!++ <-- assume voice of second city television comedienne

No seriously. Lets say, as we always start out here, that you're just a single cell in the sea and suddenly there she is. The protozoa of your dreams. Her cilia blowing in the breeze. The sunlight catching her translucent body. She has curves in places that aren't even places, on other protozoas. You say to yourself. Wow. What a protozoa! Whoa.. Alright. So now you want to drift your life over to hers, somehow, in a sea containing 9 billion others of both you and her.

Violet Blue wrote alot about the reality of sex on the internet. Alot of people are using the internet as a means of connectivity (facebook/myspace, . Here's something I found thats fairly neat - on youTube, there is this attractive , sort of asian looking girl called lonelygirl15 that would, to an average male, be irresistable. At least, irresistible enough to search for her among 9 billion others. Who's on top ? Both males and females gladly put themselves in a heart shaped box for the most minute reason.

Go ahead and search her, now. And welcome to the new reality that you are a single user of 120 million other users. A single cell in the sea tried to reach out to get to the other one . Instead of lonelygirl15, you get commentary +about+ lonelygirl15. Attitude, opinion and ideas all about what lonelygirl is doing because the seekers are more vocal than the searched. And they will cluster around that point, because they are describing what she is, and so will adapt some of her language. I didn't search much further than that, but then again my personal life and the priesthood sometimes bear similiarities too close for comfort. Hey, at least I get more than my best friend (who by the way finally struck out on his own, and is saying he's going to live on an organic farm - he's growing!). I got a new complaint.

Violet said (in her talk entitled "the reality of sex on the internet" at google), that a new language arises in some instances, where males and females connect through different acronyms (mine is MW4M , or better still WW4M) that allow them to type and categorize and sort through the list of prospective contacts. And like Violet Blue said, the consequences are pretty real. Being able to search sex content may mean the difference between an abortion, and a child being born - or a person who contracts aids, or not. That content that helps them to make their own informed decision is crucial to their reproduction, in this medium.

So back to the single cell in the sea. Have you ever noticed how you can pay attention to just the smallest detail of the person you love? I think it might be, because there is an unwritten language that you are attempting to speak that will bind you. Just as two twins would be able to speak their own secret language. So too, are you. When you are in that frame of mind. She's communicating to you.

But then, here comes nebraskahusker75 and his commentary on why lonelygirl15 has to be an actress, instead of a real girl. And he is ticking off a list of all the fun things that makes up lonelygirl15. If you really like her hair, too bad. Use of the word "hair" in his diatribe about how he thinks she's an actress, indexes your search to him. How do you get past nebraskahusker75?

Well, here's my idea. Its easy for her to get lost in the noise. And so with, like, penguins, and the other creatures - why sexual selection works for us the way (where we males do the selecting, yeah baby!) so much better than the female in as you would find in other species. Here, decoded from the single cell in the sea transcript, and carried forward to present date , is the universal male message:


a bumper sticker I saw in seattle, washington =)


Anonymous said…
Wow I thought he would say
"PETA means People Eating Tasty Animals"
Anonymous: Its a bumpersticker. This is colorless. You probably want to go to Bitch PhD. >.)