Google TV

Apparently Google is working on a secret project: their dead giveaway hiring people who are skilled in TV backgrounds. The move seems to be related to an internal initiative to find the ways that people can advertise for TV and deliver video on demand. You can do the same thing with the DJIA if you just watch transport stocks, when they dive that means the next quarter retail will take a hit coz they're shipping the shelf merchandise. (did I ever mention I traded for a season?)

What is the role of search, in energy driven networks of molecules? Surely we all have preferences for what we want to see, whether its in a mate, or in content we download from the net, or whatever. And if we are talking about an iterative process that can punctuate itself over thousands of years, in fits and starts - we are talking about similiarity and complement in that affinity. We can search for the things that attract us, or the things that annoy us. So that search capability is part of the drive to acquire new capabilities and structures that allow us to adapt. All the while the dominant forms of life, the simpler forms such as virus and bacteria are hammering away at the coding sequence. We know intutively that the jungle takes back its own. That tangled bank of life is met, by our epigenome and the sense of deja vu is sometimes that sense of balance - as Rick Rubin said. Love at first sight is possible.

I think what Google will focus on, will be the placement of relevant content in search as it relates to paid advertising. This is an old model, similiar to what yahoo does - and it makes for awful search capability. So what would be interesting is, if they updated it slightly. Instead of searching on the stated categories and descriptions of the films, and then sort-ranking them in accordance to whomever paid them off to keep them alpha sorted over the other big budget films - I think the way to go would be to sort and index the interior elements of the film as it relates to the types of cool things you could search for. In other words, what about a search for "kobyashi" china that turns up the film "the usual suspects". Selling advertisement here would amount to a form of updated placement advertising. The end user will skip over out of film advertisments, and like "Castaway" , with Tom Hanks - they will get very annoyed at endless placement within-film as a part of the film plot.

So what if I want to search for a rolex, by finding all the sequences that James Bond had ever worn one? Some people from up north were working on tagging things in films and movies, and letting people buy them. That would be another way to go.

And so, the same with people and networks of molecules. The selfish gene seeks its own. The red queen runs forever in place. And the organism grows, bit by bit - always looking for absence of disease and ... er.. Capt. Jack Sparrow? Betty you will never guess which female I would look for. Woops.