If Richardson is , in the end, chosen as Secretary of State, we'll all have won. That sense of inevitability doesn't mean much at this point, and he's still playing to win. What I am saying here, is that if he does, our priorities might get a much needed update in the foreign policy sphere. We may end up being not only the first country with a commercial spaceport for space travel, but also a country that can save itself from the impending fiery hell of oil based economic breakdown..(thanks, cosmic variance for the link!)

The POTUS is going to be Hillary/Obama or Obama/Hillary but the sideshow amongst a set of republicans that are trying to assemble a conservative outlook from the shattered fragments of the Bush Republicans, is IMHO worth taking a look at.

Guiliani is running on his record of his work in New York City. He did a good job, even if nobody remembers that he cut the budget of the FBI team who was working on tracking down Osama Bin Laden, and made them move into the twin towers. But Rudy also .. a) tried to get a member of the mafia to become the head of dept.of homeland security and b) made statements during his divorce debriefings that would shock the dead. Well, perhaps not as much as the pictures of him cross dressing. Get a copy of those pictures and post them, and you will find the truth of the maxim that political blogging can be both fun +and+ profitable.

McCain is cool, actually, in my book. In fact, I have a book of his that is signed personally. The only problem is that his peeps decided to turn the maverick into a gelding , with his Falwell maneuvers at Bob Jones University. He's not out of the race, but he's definitely out of his constituency. Oh, you should have figured out by now .. the Media is his constituency. He's a good one to watch, because the GOP is heavily base-oriented under the Bush Republicans; the problem McCain has to solve is similiar to the one that Hillary has to solve - which is, that a large number of base voters simply will not, under any circumstances, vote for him. And that leaves a very thin field of switch votes to go after. Possibly too thin. McCain as VP?

Now , let's take the Mitts off. The Church of Latter Day Saints end to plural marriage, surely must mark as one of their worst manuevers ever. This country could really use, like, six first ladies. Maybe even use one of those neat secret rooms JFK built into the place for an extra bedroom? Just kidding. >:) Massachusetts seems to be able to produce people who take the nomination and just not get elected. I am not sure, but I think the term "flipper" is being used derisively against him, at parties where the right-to-lifers get together and not talk about their own 70% divorce rate, while they arm up to defend the institution of family against the withering onslaught of medical research that cures disease, and gay married terrorists. Governors seem to do well (by about 30 percent). If you want to do your homework on this, search youtube for that one where Homer gets a new head of hair. I think Chris Bowers is right. Mitt Romney has more than a better shot at this.

Ron Paul , at first , really appeals to you. For me, at least I guess it was because I thought he actually made this political ad. But then you discover that someone else made it, and then he's like a whoopee cushion slowly being squeezed.

So thats the field. And of course, since this is the GOP we might even have a sex scandal or two thrown in there it might even involve the opposite sex for a change. If the GOP could figure out a better way to vet their candidates, than simply being able to talk about Hillary Clinton, otherwise I think we may end up suffering the inevitable consequences.

IMHO the Secretary of State behind-the-scenes race was more important than the presidency this year, if only for the colossal foreign policy errors that made things so absurdly out of balance. The price of gas, really bothers me. I don't know why, but it does. Why I guess I am jumping back in (save me!) is that recently that the lobbyists have really opened the door,in their drive for substitution of their instution for democracy. All you have to do is count the number of times the GOP candidates mention Hillary. When that number gets above a certain number, you know their money is involved. A debate without debate? A position, without taking position. Doubleplusgood.

With them out of the way -who knows, maybe then we can all get back to watching monster truck competitions and eating burgers and fries.
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