America- Simon and Garfunkel


I am going to post three comments to this, because I have a three questions about america I hope you can help me answer.

First. And this was something I was talking about with Shane.
Who said that, as an Aussie, he's just waiting for the next American revolution and he ticked off a list of like, seven things that sad to say, really do need to get done here. And they are embarassing to hear.

So. Here is the question.

Is revolution, in America possible?

There are complicated social structures here, entrenched interests. Think for a second. If we find out that 911 happened because the effing government dialed up a CIA-Run camp by bin laden and ordered two planes of people, and steel , vaporized.
For some kind of financial scam?
What would happen?

Would you fight fora revolution?
Could a bunch of people get together and actually overthrow the institutions and replace them?
My uncle's friend Kevin Philips said once that the problem with revolutions is that they usually dismast themselves removing dynasties from power. It happened with the Bourbons (I can't quite remember the details but something like the french revolution is probably not kosher. I don't want Robespierre.)

So. Is Revolution possible?
The second and third questions are easier. Please think about the second one.

Suppose you're at a restaurant, and all of a sudden there are police cars, and crowds and snapping flashbulbs.

Ask yourself. What is the chance that the person that they're taking pictures of, is doing anything really worthwhile? Are they famous for being a musical artist? Suppose, like word war 3 broke out. Would this person be someone who really changed the world for the better? Could they be famous for something you could put your finger on, without knowing who they are?

The last question.
A personal question.

Why did you say that you wanted to leave America, at one point. What made you want to leave?

Be careful, that bowtie is really a camera.
Anonymous said…
My father is a patriot. I am not. I'm spoiled and naive, embarrassingly so. I take America for granted. Fighting for a revolution would depend on the revolution. I don't know. I would fight for my children. That's the only thing I know for sure.
I can understand that.
Have you ever read "The Road"
by Cormac McCarthy?
Anonymous said…
Nope. Should I?