The Missing Mass. Problem

Day before yesterday, in a special election - an insurgent powered up from nowhere to beat a lobbyist-funded Democrat and win the support of the people of Massachusetts. There will be one less senator in the storied institution of the senate, that will vote in locked step to an agenda of lobbyist-written legislation. The Democratic supermajority is no more, thanks to people powered campaigns.

This is a good thing for Healthcare reform. The senate bill was a horror. A vote against it pushes the Democratic leadership, elected through the same people powered mechanisms - back to a primal question. Should they continue to represent the interests of the lobbyists, or the American people?

We now have a moment in which real reform can shine through. The house can pass a bill that contains a National Health Service, and then head it back to the senate for a knock-down drag out. The bill contains real reform, or none at all. The GOP, weakened for years with Bush republicanism- will have to decide how far they can go. In all likelihood, they will filibuster. But this filibuster will be unlike anything we have ever seen. And we will be watching. We will see a party destroyed. A party that needs to be destroyed.

The GOP has a very real problem: it is populated with far too many people who feel they need to be told what to think. It is a cancer that has grown on the party ever since failed entertainers were given top seats in its leadership. A Man like Scott Brown, elected from the only state in the Union that has Universal, State Supported Healthcare - are a threat to its leadership. The fact that Scott will oppose poorly written legislation is something they will try to tout as 'dissatisfaction with the liberal leadership' and 'a failure of Obama'. But the truth is a bit more dark: they know that Scott Brown will oppose them on other matters. He is not going to do the silly things they've been doing for the past five years. He's not a part of their hierarchy. And that is why top republican donors are holding back their donations this year. And that is why the GOP has only one seat to show for all their work. And that is why the GOP can be completely annhilated this year. It's an election year.

The mysterious force that elected Scott Brown a few days ago - is the same force that will bring healthcare reform in the whole cloth. A national health service was two weeks and a minor senate battle away from being made into national reality. Let it now be a full-on knock-down drag-out war. And see what happens.

The solution to the missing vote from Massachusetts is to go all in. Harry Reid is from Nevada. He should be able to understand 'All or Nothing'. Let's put the power of the blogosphere to the test.

What say you.