Nexus One

The Nexus One.

Nexus one utilizes speech recognition, to allow users to text without typing. It ships with 5.7 MegaPixel Camera, internal compass, and accelerometer. I think it has a GPS in it as well. The nexus one is an open-souce version of an iPhone. You can develop code using Google Android but the phone will run on any network (sprint/verizon/att/boost) and ships unlocked. By contrast, the iPhone is locked to a single network.

The intersection of Solid State computing, Voice ,GPS, and mobility yields applications like- proximity based social networking, geocaching, cloud computing office suites, voip based telecommunication + go-anywhere pbx systems, voice biometric signaturing, remote acces, remote control, and really interesting games. (The city is your playground).

These phones are able to sense whether or not they're picked up, moved, what point they are on the globe, which direction is north, and what network devices are near them. They display in high resolution, high contrast color and use solid state, low noise electronics + with high defi audio with really good bluetooth mike, handset and remote device capability.