Readers Write

"Love your Blog, but I like it best when it's personal. The Soapbox Rants can be exhausting. Then again, are you really all that concerned about pleasing anyone"

Pleasuring attractive readers continues to be a guiding principle here at CGI. Your criticisms are well received. Someday soon, when I'm out of packing boxes and in my new place I promise I will post something personal, and with at least 50 percent less soap.

In other news today, Wyclef Jean called for an evacuation of the city of Port Au Prince. Speaking as a former resident of the Carribean, and with enough knowledge to know what PAP will look like in a few days - its safe to say he's correct. Port Au Prince will look like a giant smear.

Three things have to happen, or Haiti is in serious trouble. First, they have to get their port operating again. Not sure how this is going to happen. Second, they have to get the water back on. And third, they have to get medical supplies to treat the wounded and re-establish their medical facilities.

If they can do that, then the rest of the island might not have to move to Miami, where they get their food from anyway... Keep up the good work, bra


Anonymous said…
Yeah Wyclef is a safe avenue to get stuff down there.

The ecleftic. :)
A guy I know down the street took everything to Wyclef and he got it turned into money and down there fast. Wyclef is straight up.