Strategic Inflection Point

I will arrive at a strategic inflection point tomorrow; the response matrix includes the options of leaving the country, moving to a different place, children changing schools, home schooling, leaving my wife, going to counseling, declaring bankruptcy, selling my home, cashing in on the stock market gains, finishing a long overdue project, cancelling it, going to market with a new product, shutting down the company, paying off dividends and buying back stock, pulling back on our budget, registering my business, buying a new bike, fixing an old volvo, selling it, buying a cool gaming system, not buying a TV at all, selling off everything I own, donating everything I own, keeping part of what I own and starting life over, getting bailed out, bailing myself out, bailing someone else out - setting up an office in a church, leaving my church, leaving my community, staying, living off the Indian stock exchange , working harder and smarter - or, ultimately, leaving my chosen career and just working at whatever comes along.

The lure before me: cool tradewinds off the Indian ocean, a nicer community, the chance to bond with my son, the prospect of a good job, the call of the Carribean (these are not in order, by any means), good food, good friends and a bottle of wine.

The danger: Technical Obselescence. Death. Disaster. Ruin.

The environment and opportunity: A properly working software company, a robust research project, all debts paid, a chance to start over. Beauty. And kindness. Compassion. Real progress. Real change.

The story will be told. For now, in a cold home, with the utilities scheduled to be cut off in the next two days. And with an important proposal due at work and my computer soon to be packed off into a moving box. I will focus my energy on the response to this strategic inflection point.

Colorless green ideas. Sleep furiously.