First, if you ask a simple question
you should get a simple answer
so. Why?

Because its there.

Do you want to know more?
I'm doing my part
I want to be a citizen of the federation

And you still question why?
Ok. Let me pull you up next to me, by the fireside
And we'll get this straight

Close your eyes
Think of a happy place
That is where I come from

Now see the dark
That is where I am going

These words on your screen, glowing
divide the darkness from the light
and help me understand wrong from right
They are not meant for anyone
Like Marcus Aurelius' meditations

And also, I am, like he
lonely at times
and I like to sing in the shower

And yes, they are written to you
Who else is here?

Joy and desire are but empty smoke
and the art of living is more like wrestling
than dancing

Are we agreeing?
Or are we disagreeing?