This is how it ends

This is how it ends
not with a whimper
but a bang

And here is how I know

I was standing at the top of the stair
and I heard in my mind the sound of an air raid siren
And I knew what it meant

I saw at once, in a still vision
the extinction level event
and felt at the core of my being
this is how it ends

It happens at night
When the earth turns away from the sun
As it pulls comets
into an atomic furnace
Our atmosphere
blasts the smaller ones into rain
pieces the size of a small home
every sixty seconds
every day

Lucifer's hammerstrike
will leave nothing to survive
everything dies

This is how the world ends
this is how the world ends
this is how the world ends

Not with a whimper
but an extinction level event


Anonymous said…
I am hoping that whatever comment is written here, the Peoples Republic of China isn't involved.

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