Now We are Free (Translated) - Lisa Gerrard/Gladiator Lyrics

Healing to me
And freely to you from Sol Omnipotens
Wings of Joy
Warmth of Day,
Sun of Dawn
O Sun of Yellow,

The Son of Righteousness,
Son of Morning Light,
Shine high and below!
Shine Aeonion!
Shine now, O Great I-am!

Shine now, O He Who Was!
Shine now, O Great to Come!
Now We are Free

One - the One now whom he was to be
And the One by whom we now do all see

Healing to me;
Healing to you now freely from Sol:
For all the world too:

Live on
Rays below,
Come now,
Wings of Joy
Warmth of Day, Sun of Dawn;
The Sun of Yellow,
Flame by Day
From Our Lord

True Sun of Liberty
Healing you Free.