The App Model: Dangerous to the Net

There are those that are working to attempt to change the browsing model. Have you ever thought, there seems to be an app for everything? It's because apps are not actual applications - they're really just web pages.

And those that want to change the way we see the net - would love us to think otherwise. But there is a very, very dark undercurrent to allowing others to essentially deliver the software you use, as a service. And to take away an open, flexible method of moving across the net - in exchange for a proprietary, closed method where you pay 1.99 for each new site you want to hit.

In December, Apple said it removed an application from its mobile store that let people browse WikiLeaks documents from their iPhones "because it violated developer guidelines." The company suggested that the app broke laws or could be harmful to people.

Explain to me how the ability to be able to view Bank of America's internal memorandum, or find out exactly how tax dollars are being spent in our far flung network of embassies around the world... is harmful? No. This highlights the danger of allowing others to actively determine what you can see and hear. Many who are fond of this model will claim that the app model is secure, and convenience. Benjamin Franklin said once - those who trade essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither.


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