The Science Section

I had about 5 minutes to kill while something completed this morning, so I went over to a news media entertainment site - and on a whim , decided to hit their 'scitech' link.

The idea that I had in my mind was - that this site is really aggravating because it tends to actually report , in and out of a week - but uses the rest of its time to push a political party's talking points as news. When I thought about it - I decided , why not check out their science section?

Here's what I found. Five articles on the main page. The first article was one on a website hitting 1 trillion views. The second article wondered what the fate of Apple corporation would be without its venerated CEO. The third article was a review of a few websites whose traffic and ad revenue seem to be declining. .. Is there a trend here?

In case you haven't figured it out by now - the trend is that none of this relates to science in any way shape or form. All of it is marketing information. My guess is that the science reporting staff at this news media entertainment company, get their reporting heavily edited and matched to fit advertising campaigns. Want to report about climate change? Your article has to wait. But they'll go ahead and post an ad/article about how many millions or trillions of views a certain website will get on the front page.

Oh wait. I think I found something. There's an article on how the east coast earthquake that occurred a few days earlier... is unusual. Hmm... Imagine that.

I honestly believe that News Media Entertainment is damaging, and hostile to the operation of a democracy. It's all infomercial with this people. All cotton candy. All fluff. What do you think would happen to your child, if you fed them nothing but cotton candy?

I just wanted to point out that getting your news from the source, is a better strategy these days. Visiting news media entertainment sites for news, is kind of like dipping healthy food into partially hydrogenated oil - to make it taste better.