Reports of My Death ..

A quote from a news article:
Blogging is dead – or at least it has shifted to another medium. Now, instead of typing several pages worth of material, most Web users just tap in a 140-character sentiment on Twitter. “Long-form” blogging is not as popular, and we all know the jokes about the blogger in his parent’s basement. Sites like and have declined considerably of late, dropping about 25-30% in user visits per Granted, some have discovered the streamlined blogging tool, which has enjoyed steady growth the past few years.

I find it interesting that news media entertainment seems to work strongly toward the prospect of reporting on other tools. I think this is because tools that constrain expression, and limit the ability of users to convey to others - ideas of some breadth - are often better suited for inclusion as a sidebar to news media entertainment. The underlying reality is that more often than not - they replace news media entertainment. And that is something that , I am going to assume, will not be televised.

I believe the best uses for limited strength social networking such as facebook, twitter, etc. - is to use it as a 3 or 6 month update tool. You can be entirely brief about how well you've succeeded over the year. Did you become a millionaire, yet?

Ok. So get back to work! :)


Anonymous said…
the 'professional' media and all that that involves, slanted, biased reporting, controlling release of information, etc. would probably be thrilled to see 'traditional' blogging disappear from the internet universe, the faster the better, you might enjoy this fellow's political blog: