Party Animal

it was as if I were joining a club
one in which
we don't have to live apart
we can explore their heart
and feel deeply
what must have been the only way
for centuries past
and, with imagination
centuries to come

to live
and to create living memory
within you and me

And when I fell asleep that night
I had a dream
that I was on a sun washed shore
the wind bright upon my skin
and cool sea

I crawled to safety
with fins
the air burning my lungs
so thin and hot
I desperately longed for the cool rush of water
through my mouth

but instead
I pulled myself forward again
to feast upon the wealth of the shore
escape the pelagic sharks that patrol
and the dark ocean
every move forward is a move closer to her side
where I belong
not in front
not behind


Anonymous said…
Nice poem and I learned a new word today, Pelagic, from wikipedia:
Pelagic fish range in size from small coastal forage fish, such as herrings and sardines, to large apex predator oceanic fishes, such as the Southern bluefin tuna and oceanic sharks.[1] They are usually agile swimmers with streamlined bodies, capable of sustained cruising on long distance migrations.