Politics, Power and Life

I am a firm believer that living well is the best revenge. When the Republicans manufactured the crisis that the Democratic Senate and President, minutes ago - averted - to my mind they were obviously and immediately attempting to subvert an economic recovery for their own political agenda. Who really cares, if America has a debt ceiling? When the economy roared to life under Bill Clinton, gas was at 99 cents a gallon, and millionaires abounded in my own neighborhood - there was a debt ceiling. Our economy was so strong, we didn't need it. Bill Clinton ran America at a net surplus , not a deficit. Debt ceilings are like credit limits - they are not needed if everything goes well. And yes, Bill Clinton had everything going extremely well indeed. Unlike the Bush Republicans, he helped to make our economy strong and when he left office, he handed over a surplus. This was quickly turned, by the Bush Republicans, into a deficit. In fact, it took them less than a year to waste all of the money in huge expenditures. If you live within your means, and you live well - you do not need such expenses.

The Bush Republicans and the TEA party just do not mix. TEA promises to reduce taxes. And it's kept its promise. That's why , as an independent, I love the guts out of these people: they are a voting bloc that will act for reform. It might not be the reform you want, but hey - it's the voice of the American people. Fully 1/3 of all republicans out there really do believe the same things that the TEA party believes, and now they've got 1/3 of the party to cast their vote for them.

This does, of course, mean that the Republican party has an end of life. The aim of the Bush Republicans has always been to promote the interests of corporate lobbyists over the American people when and wherever they could. This is why the Bush Republicans simply could not reform the tax code - how can they give up complicated loopholes that keep lobbyists at work and play?

This is where, I feel, our country - should next focus its efforts. And the greatest harbinger of positive change and governance, our President - should lead his party to a simple goal: reforming the tax code . Remove loopholes, replace complicated sections of the tax return - and simplify the entire tax system. Ideally, we, as Americans - should utilize the same taxation system as in Hong Kong... a single form, upon which you state all of your earnings for the year. You calculate 10 percent of this. Then write a check.

The signing of the fiscal discipline agreement - is a positive step. And a victory for our country. I loved how the Bush Republicans, were once again fooled by the loud and long vocalizations from the so called 'radical left' .. and how neatly , that roughly the same bill that the President praised from the "Gang of Six" legislation - becomes law, in the next hour. Moreover, I like how our country - pays its debt. I for one, am still struggling with some debt that I would like to pay down - from the Bush Republican Crash of 2008. And one day I will. I won't forget about it. And we, as a country - should never again try to run and hide from our obligations.

So. A good day for America. Those guys up in Washington that created this little mini-crisis, can now rest well. But they'll be back at it again. Please, if you can. Vote them out.

But first. Pop a glass of sparkling apple cider. And then get back to work. It's going to be a tough run these next few months, but it's going to be worth it. At last, our economic recovery is unburdened by earthquakes, radical revolution in foreign governments, and Bush Republicans.