10:10 ESDT 2-27-10 - Tsunami Heading for Hawaii

It's dark in Hawaii - a wave from Santiago from an 8.8 on the Richter scale as the source is a quake epicentered 200 miles off Santiago and will hit on the wrong side of Hawaii for the deepwater break (Jaws) that anyone (Laird Hamilton) could ride. Waves fade off from something called a 1/r-squared law - and its based on the medium. This side of the pacific is notoriously warm water and the wave will be in my predicted range of about 5 feet. A cold water aleutian islands quake with an epicenter nearer to the island - hitting the north shore would be a different beast altogether. This wave will travel at about 330 m/sec or about 900 miles an hour so my numbers put the hit on Hawaii (if the thing hit at 3:30 am in Santiago ) at or around the next 15 , 20 minutes.

Update: I didn't factor in the real world loss factors. Looks like the wave will hit Hawaii at 4 pm, it was travelling at 400 mph (not 900 - thats actually the ideal case). I also miscalculated the height - it will likely be a pretty good sized wave, maybe 8.5 feet.