A Personal Note

I am deeply conflicted right now about my marriage and my career. Scrabble is needed. Badly. As is some form of gaming. Wii is just not cutting it.

Ok, except for wakeboarding, where I'm clocking 1300 points a run. I'm sitting on pins and needles wondering if I'm going to win review on my grant. And at the same time, looking for a job in the meantime. Yes, I'm supposed to be heading up a small company but the fact is the company is stuck on one last bug before the product is released and I have nothing to do with it.

Add to that my general apprehension about joining this society I've been thinking of joining. I've been kindly informed that my initiation will take place this week, and would I please show up two hours early. It will only take 5 hours total.

If they ask me to masturbate in a coffin....