My Son Made the Cut!

Drawing the cut on the speech competition, my son made it into the top 20. His final round speech is this Sunday.

The final form of his speech and idea to change the world became 'Geocaching and Rivers' - create a series of geocaches whose theme is river cleanup. Hide cool stuff in them, but also test kits and reporting kits.

Many people will say - "I wouldn't drink a glass of LA (New York, Atlanta, substitute your city here) water from one of its rivers" but they would say "If you went high enough up into the mountains I would".

So at what point does the river become polluted? And there are strange things happening - in some places in New England fish are changing from male to female and back again. Finding the source of the pollution is a first step, and geocachers like easy trails - they hate smashing through thorny woods to get to their cache. They are also the kind of people who, if given the chance to walk along a rivers edge - would be the perfect type of person to clean up. With so many rivers and streams in decline - there has to be a component of ignorance at play. One out of every two rivers and streams in America polluted? 9 out of 10 rivers in China's cities are contaminated? Thats pretty insane if you think about it.

The deep field marriage counseling that was supposed to happen on Sunday isn't going to happen because he made the cut and we weren't aware his speech would be at that time. So I'm going to get the appointment moved up.

This weekend I'm also going to track down a new car if I can help it. Either that or fix the one I have. I was stranded at a sex store night before last. Ahem.


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