My Car, My Life.

Ok I thought by now I would have the Tesla but they're still not shipping the S-Class until as late as 2012. So, its time to get a new car.

What's a good car to buy ?

I'm looking for something that handles well, low maintenance. It has to be a four door, because I have two small kids. I yearn for a hot sportscar . But in the end, a car is simply a device to get you from point A to point B. I will be paying cash, of course.

My ideas have been so far: Volkswagen Golf, Toyota (non-recall years), Acura or Honda (in the standardized parts years). The '90 Volvo was a great deal, it worked fine and then went on to its new owner with a little extra money for me.

Bane: Jaguar (most model years, esp. late eighties, to mid 90's - also don't like the ford rework of the low end Jag), Hyundai, Kia, Most American brands with a few models from Ford being the sole exception ( ie. the Freesytle , the Mustang and the Focus).

So, what car should I buy?


Anonymous said…
its not what - its how. there are ways to get a car way under book value these days.

mainly remember to pay cash, take full title and stay away from the ones that cost alot to maintain.
Unknown said…
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