A Proposal To A Lady

I admire cats
they hunt
make the kill
and sleep
A sort of business ideal

I know that you are a huntress
a handful
a lady

So I spent part of this morning
finding a place where I can sit
to watch
and wait
Calmly where the squirrels play

Its five am and its dark
my fingers are cold
so I will finish this puzzle
and then let you go

let us be Poema 20
by Pablo Neruda
I hope you understand this
I have no way of knowing if you're crazy

But please certainly count on me being lazy
I don't cheat or sleep around
I don't like to do anything other than work
and sleep
passing out
Its obvious I don't have enough to do

So Like the Black Eyed Peas say
Let's get it started in here
A riddle for you
how to meet a guy who doesn't drink beer

there is an avalon
A place where we can meet
I hope you understand

I'm only looking for someone
with whom I can share a patch of sun
Lick your fur
bite you when we make love

You are a lady
and deserve to be heard
number your nine lives - first. second. , perhaps - third

Its a long time coming
Its gonna be a long time gone

Singh this song
And you will find
where you belong