My Fortune

It is not the quantity of the work that counts, it is the quality.

Rock on. Given that I've ridden over 60 miles this week on a mountain bike trying to find a good used car, the plan for today is to work hard. Get a weeks worth of work done in a day (it's possible) and head out to the river on Saturday while someone is tuning up my new set of wheels. Guess which kind. =)

Late last night (technically, at around 2 am this morning) I took my wedding ring off. It didn't come off easily. I had to turn it three times. I tied a piece of silk to it and locked it in a briefcase. I did this for alot of reasons. But not entirely because my wife is gone. Again. For the third time in two years. Grrr..

This weekend is going to be the first healthy, stress-free, happy weekend in a long time but not before I hit work as hard as I can today.