Boost Mobile

Alright, I have had nearly enough of the issues that have plagued the american cellular market and I am almost ready to throw in the towel. Last month, Google announced they will launch the Nexus One, and it will be unlocked. This means what? That it will work with any cell carrier. But as it turns out, this phone only works with two carriers that charge extra for their data plan.

Help me understand. Is this unlocked? There are five major carriers. How difficult is it, to transplant a radio circuit board. Not very. So I went over to Boost Mobile to find out why the Nexus One was not on their very prominently displayed list of cellphones that I would have to purchase in order to sign up for their service.

Their answer was that the phone doesn't support IDEN, to which I replied - you're both CDMA and IDEN network - and you have two models of phone working on your band in the CDMA band. Why not the CDMA version of the Nexus? The guy behind the counter glibly responded that unlocking cell phones is a crime. I told him point blank that locking cellphones should be a federal offense - and he said, yes it is.

I said. What? Then you're a criminal right - you guys lock your phones all the time. He said. No wait. I meant. Unlocking them is a crime, right?

I said. No, it isn't. No one will take you to jail for unlocking your cellphone. In fact, there are websites that are run that show you how to do it and it will save you alot if you're going overseas.

So despite taking a bite out of the Boost Mobile guy, my dreams of having a Nexus one, with an actually cellular coverage plan that included unlimited data, text, calling and roaming for only 50.00 bucks a month - were dashed on the ground. Just like that. Thanks Boost Mobile.

But this kind of thing really has to stop. We need a law in the US that promotes unlock and interop of cellphones. Companies like Boost Mobile will eventually win out - Americans will not pay per-minute for long distance anymore, and one day cell phone service will be flat rate for every carrier in the US. Per-minute charges are insane - they are little else other than a blatant attempt to overcharge consumers. The bills that arise from per-minute plans are exorbitant to the point of being almost criminal.

Boost Mobile offers the plan that , financially - everyone will copy - unlimited text, data, roaming and long distance for 50.00 a month flat rate. But in order to make this plan worthwhile, you're going to have to have a phone that can be used here in the states, and if someone leaves the country - have it work outside of the country as well. Just as the internet is a large, interoperable network - so too the networks of other countries such as Japan , Malaysia, the EU, and others . But in America, thanks to companies like Boost Mobile - we operate under non interoperable silos of networking. Imagine what it would be like if you had to go on a business trip and each time you had to connect to the internet, you had to buy a new computer.