How My Son Can Change the World

My son is getting ready for a contest at his new school (which rocks, btw). Its a contest 'How I Can Change The World'.

He chose the topic of ending pollution. When he was young, a year earlier - he cleaned up a lake - as a good deed.

It took us both about a half hour, and when he was done some old lady asked what he was doing and he told her. She asked why - and he said, because its my good deed for the day. She flipped.

But just as climate is not weather - (weather is what you see around you, if you open the window and its snowing or raining - climate is how hot or cold the entire earth is on a global basis measured by ocean temp.)

So too cleaning up a river or stream isn't changing the world. His solution is pretty simple. He's going to make his speech about engineering a superbug that eats up e coli in the river water and makes polluted river water safer to drink.

Then he's going to post the genetic code on the internet. Not fucking bad for a nine year old, but there's some rough edges there. We're going to go downstairs and listen to his speech . Then I have to go move furniture. Again.

One of these damn days I am going to get a cable up to this office and finish the job up here. All of this is still hacked access point. If I can get the wall fished I will be done by tonight. Knock on wood.

Yes, that was a pun.


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* groan *