My Fingers

My fingers calloused over, even the fingertips. I loaded 10 trailer loads full of stuff, filled four entire dumpsters - and a haul-away, donated five trailer loads of items to goodwill - filled an entire 17' uhaul , twice - lugged a 250 pound file cabinet up two flights of stairs and then furnished a three story with what was left over, including hauling away a trailerful of stuff - garden statues, a stove, a fridge, and a freaking 150 pound bird bath.

I am used to my left hand and fingertips getting hard but this is the first time I could tap on a desk with my fingertips and hear the sound as if it were the tips of my nails.

I am past strategic inflection point, about 7k away from being completely debt free,and very nearly cash positive on the small business and my personal income portfolio. I plan my Dave Ramsey scream in about three months. I find myself closer to the city, next to a swimming pool, a running trail, and have left suburbia far behind. The work still on the board would be handle the recurring revenue problem (i.e., set the company out on its own and get a job with benefits instead of heading up this small company - something that will happen next tuesday, if the last build goes well of our software), and either getting some pretty deep marriage counseling or just saying goodbye to old mrs. abusive.

I have run nearly 20 craigslist auctions of my stuff, selling my washer and dryer, furniture, TV, car stereo, dvd's , everything. I will run another 10 or so before all is said and done.

I should have a desk and the network back online by today.I plan to play guild wars tonight. My fingers have extra traction on the keyboard now that they look like I have been playing a plutonium piano.

P.S. I donated my film collection to a nonprofit and am building things up from blu ray again. The first of my new blue was a collection of commercials from the 1940's and 1950's. Its amazing what watching them does to you. You want to stop halfway and turn to the person next to you and marvel at the automatic diswasher or the fully automatic microwave oven. Its all electric!