I am dead

It happened like this:
I realized who I really was
and then
I made sure they killed me
they didn't notice
I had used them
as a tool

And yet

That's what we really learned
Isaac's father was really
killing God

This isn't about
telling you how things are

After all you can see for yourself
and you like the Ramones

Personally, I think you're going to be okay
I'm simply beginning my story
as close to the truth as I can

It's about stupid zombies
and last suppers
and the fuckability of man

Are you doing anything tonight?
I thought maybe we could go see "The Big Chill"
you could tie me up
and beat me

Like a dead horse

But you had plans
for both of us
that involve
a trip out of town

to a place I'd seen in a magazine
that you'd left lying around

I don't have you with me
but I keep
a good attitude

from Elliott Smith
This too:

next door TV's flashing blue
frames on the wall
it's a comedy
of errors you see?
It's about
taking the fall

Part of it all
a Dog and Pony Show

But I love you

So don't hope

And if you can
think of me
when you are gardening at night
and you look up and see

A comet
coming straight down

My wife is in the shower
complaining now
she is saying:

all over the world everybody knows
the sickness
that the kids are killed
She says I can create a flower for them
every day there are kids who are killed
I'll create a flower for them
you talk about hitler
there are alot of hitlers
you are worse than hitler

put kids to work
four years old

for what?