A Conversation With A Boy

The summer is coming. As much as you have fun with the little girl down the street, it's just not going to do.

He replied. I know. I really like to play with her younger sister. Whenever I play with her, she doesn't spend her time making up all these really stupid rules.

I understand. It's ok. Girls are one thing. Playing is another, sometimes. You can have a girlfriend, too. But it's not going to be the same. This is your summer. So what are you going to do? What about baseball? The smell of freshly cut grass. The crack of bat against ball. Running the bases home.

Then said the boy. The tennis court has a part of it painted into a baseball diamond. There's a lot of things I can do there.

Tennis is good. But remember, you have to find someone to play against. You can skateboard. Ok. Here comes the bus...

He grabs his backpack, and runs as fast as he can. He always runs. The bus driver will wait for no one. I watch him run off.

There is a sign on my desk that he made for me a day ago. I made it part of my plan.
And when his plans are done. We will be ready to go.

There are 104 days of summer vacation and school comes along to end it. The thing to have have to figure out how to do is to find a good way to spend it.