My List for This Week

1. Try to save my own soul. This is slowly beginning to dawn on me, as a bigger job than I thought. The human capacity to be able to lie to oneself really should never be underestimated. The path to becoming better is to make sure to prioritize.. getting better. Thank you, Captain Obvious.

2. Take care of those I love. Make safer places, fix things that are broken. And most important of all be willing to invest in relationships. I take responsibility for some of the emotional carelessness and it doesn't feel good. But it can be fixed. I have to take care of the woman I love. And my wife, too.

3. Make more money. It's clear things are turning around - I'm not going to get 'bankruptcy' pricing on some things. So, my margin is less, I have
to work more to make up for it in sales and production. And for the money I make, I need to be able to spend wisely. Not buying stupid things I don't need.

5. Give everyone a reason to smile. Everyone. This includes my mother, father, brother - everyone. I don't care if they've had the worst day in the world - the fact is that I am alive, and part of my life force - even if it's not the major part - will be dedicated to exceeding all of their expectations. This means the office as well. When you're at work today, smile. They'll wonder what you're up to.

6. Music. First, playing. Finish off a classical piece I have started, and take the job of playing to sad and dying people. The piece is not impossible. Also, while I'm at it, I'm going to dedicate some time to learning songs that others can sing or play along to - and if my daughter wants to pick up her Cello, she can. Make the fingers go where they don't want to go. They'll love you for it later.

7. Golf. I'm going to hit the white ball this week. What, you wanted more of an explanation here? Ok. Even if it means mini golf. There. Happy?

8. Realize that it's Wednesday. Wow that one was easy.