I would like to share part of my life

My friend and I
are in his garage
making things that explode
and fixing things broken

It was then
Some warm feeling made me promise him
when Mother Teresa became a saint
that I would become catholic

I was really thinking about my girlfriend
but I promised just the same

He told me in confidence
and here you can't read his name
the girl he first kissed
joined a convent

I think if you stop frame
you can see the moment
his heart was broken

I did everything a best friend could do
to help him understand
when a woman loves a man
Even God
No force on earth can stop it
and that someone else will come along

I drew on a memory of when I was young
and love was bright
and I remembered her name
like a song

Someone else came along
and even though his mom
put up a fight
I was on his side

Dear Reader
She is beautiful
they have two children
Of which as I write
one has been born
and the other is a spark
in their eyes

And his workshop is quiet
our work is done

while the church decides
whether the Blessed Mother
is a saint

apparently you need a real miracle
not a hallucination
so much for my plan
to drop something in the water supply
at the vatican

We still have secrets

So if you make the secret sign
and give me the secret handshake
I will tell you:

We should make sure
no woman understands
just how much a man
loves to get laid

Keep this secret, Dear Reader..

They (the women) could use it against us
this information could tip the balance
of the war between the sexes
The inevitable result:
men doing dishes.
dumb looking aprons.

He lives in happiness
At the top of a hill
I live
with a broken heart
the years have made strong

I can be found
standing beside
an old oak tree
near a victorian
for her return

Today, she didn't come.
But I have learned

When you do good. Do it quietly.
Like throwing a stone into the sea.