Three AM

A Poem has a natural form
to live within you

Three AM in the morning
Is a good time to learn

Even if you are hunting
or porn

form follows function
and sometimes
function follows form

An hour or so before
The blue hour

It is then that poems unfold
linking everything
embedding rhythm
and the thin line
within your heart
that makes you want
to tear off your skin

it's a natural phase we all go through

A poem comes , usually, from a bothersome man
focussed on things you'd rather not learn
or would rather forget

maybe too obvious
or overlooked
birth school
work death

The distance
The hours
The deeper shade
working as it should

Quite unlike
the hell where everyone gets what they want
and everything tastes gray

We are all good
at being alone

And of course,
being just plain
or Bettie Page

3 AM is one possible time
Where everything is quiet
Except the clouds
and love

Everything is simple

The sculpture upon your desk
yields the touch of stone
You can hear purring kittens
Waking before dawn
to feed
upon unsuspecting birds

Not all are awake
Not all have to be
The sleeper sleeps
The awakened are free
to create upon your breath
by the silence of your dreams
a softly spoken magic spell

that brings
light and peace
and healing

And things that don't necessarily make sense
at first
a part of the hunting
and part of us