The internet
is like the wild west
You carry your defenses there
Wild horses
dry riverbeds
and malware

Each of us has had our own
showdown by cellphone
at the OK Corral
even if the cell providers cheated on the draw

is just a website
a bunch of pages and some code

a stop
on your way to the gold
that many find the need
a place to connect but not to bond
and keep away from
what's up ahead
growing body parts out of their own clone
from DNA off the net
smart codes on gravestones
linking you to everyone
with a smartphone

The internet has a future,
you can stop it.

Facebook is like a small town trying to grow.
It has its house of ill repute.
This is a site where it's easy to register
They'll hide everything there
behind that
They don't know why we give it to them.
The Dumbf-ks.

It makes them feel like they're walking tall
The ground shimmers
in the desert sun
The Peraltas
they all want to grow wealthy
selling you


The internet
is like an open ocean
You cross upon your own sail
Windsurfing across
exposed coralhead

is an expression of hate
a long, drawn out sneer
to an ex girlfriend
It will not go away
Until we are tired of it

and then, in just one day
like a small town on a railroad line
when the railroad moves
it will disappear
for now
the weak,
the ones who come to the frontier
from the links
stay and pretend
they have friends

parade down its streets
and walk down half muttered retreats
until nightfall
and the mountain fog leaps
like a cat
and covers them whole
their dresses billowing home

The men
At least some
Have learned
to put their trust
in a good horse

and a cold black 45
the only passport
you'll ever need
to survive

So pull up a dusty chair, son
and I'll tell you where it gets fun

When the aliens come
and logon
and start breaking facebook out
by cut and paste
so that everything there
is open

Every word you've ever written