Go To Hell

You're a control freak
and a drama queen

You think you know me
You think you know everything
You're not an authority

on what's wrong

When I read what you write at night
I want to tear my skin off

I hate the darkness
I hate the games
you crossed a line
I am not going to put up with this

I have a child to raise
I have a life

Take your passive aggressive SMS
and go shove it up your ass

and while you're at it, here's a pineapple

I am no longer there for you
If you want my update
it's not happening

I'm on the right track
I go to church on the weekend
Let's not be friends

This is the heart of it:
I am not sure
if we can really afford freedom or dignity

Don't ask why I made contact
or why I will again

I only wanted to find out how you were doing
I thought we could talk now and then


I have gone through alot of darkness in my life
I don't need to go there again
You have your own problems
solve them

I can't take this anymore

Don't call
Don't write

Go to Hell